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"Welcome to the Heidelberg & District School of Dance or (“HD Dance”). 


If you or your child is commencing ballet or dance classes for the first time, the new world into which you have entered is one of beauty, enjoyment, friendship and discipline... it is a world full of promise, fantasy and dedication; it can also be a world of great challenge. The art of dance is based on traditions, etiquette and respect - it is as much a mental art as it is physical. Not every student who begins dance wants to make it a career; many use it for recreation, for physical fitness and sheer pleasure.  The students at HD Dance will gain so much more than just ‘learning’ the steps.  Here at HD Dance our aim is to provide the most supportive, nurturing, fun and engaging environment and opportunities for your child to be the best and most resilient version of themselves that they can be; regardless of what their dance aspirations may be.


Whatever your reason for you or your children studying dance, my staff and I at HD Dance offer you training at the highest professional level in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Acro Arts genres, all in addition to all Grades, Majors and Teacher Training of the Cecchetti Syllabus.


Dance offers the joy of movement, a sense of rhythm, improved co-ordination and poise, builds resilience, confidence, mental and physical discipline and an appreciation of music. There is also the opportunity for those students taking production classes to enter that world of fantasy as they participate within rehearsals and performances of HD Dance Annual Production.

There is much to be learnt, be enriched by and to enjoy and share with others when training in dance. If every person who starts this journey is able to pass on their knowledge, enjoyment, appreciation and passion of dance to another at some time in their life; whether that be a career in dance, choreography, production management, stagecraft, or just a lover of dance and arts in general then the art will remain alive for many generations to come.


Finally, I hope your time here as part of our HD Dance team will be a phase in your life in which you may reflect upon with joy and pride."

Lisa Archer

Director & Principal

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