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Children have a natural tendency to dance. Through their movement they express delight, curiosity in themselves, others and the world around them. At the Heidelberg & District School of Dance this natural inclination is encouraged and expanded through ‘Danceplay’.


Classes are offered in three age brackets (2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 year olds); at the age of 5 years they graduate to Pre-primary.
As the name suggests, the class encourages the students to learn to express themselves through movement, in fact it is a celebration of the joy of movement and although focusing on dance, it also combines drama and music in an age appropriate class. There is also the opportunity to experience the magic and fantasy of participating in the ballet school’s annual production in December.

The structure of Danceplay offers young children the chance to develop confidence, expression, co-ordination, body awareness, gross motor skills, musicality, creativity, social interaction, and at the same time gives them an appreciation of dance itself. The positive benefits reach across the physical, emotional and social aspects of each child’s development.

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